After smoking cigarettes for over 15 years, the founder of the Vape A Vet Project knew he needed to change, or he would risk not seeing his daughter grow up. After making the switch to e-cigarettes, and discovering the health benefits associated with making the switch to vaping, he knew he had to share his success with those that needed it but didn’t always have access to the necessary materials.

Within the United States Military, we have seen far too many service members find themselves addicted to traditional cigarettes.  With the introduction of the electronic cigarette, this is a problem we are not willing to accept.  Why shouldn’t every service member have the opportunity to experience what we have?

As a registered 501c3 charity, the project’s primary goal is to provide active and former Service Members with the equipment and knowledge necessary to switch to a healthier alternative at no cost to them.

Since our humble beginnings in 2013, the number of Veterans that have been served is growing rapidly. To date, over 3000 Starter Kits & 4000 Care Packages have been sent to active and former service members (a running total can be seen on the front page of the website). 82% have successfully made the transition from tobacco to electronic cigarettes, or have quit altogether.

Every day, we strive do our part to fight an addiction that kills millions. We are driven to share the health benefits of switching to e-cigarettes with all the men and women of the armed forces who serve or have served our great country.