Thank you for your interest in donating to The Vape a Vet Project. We are currently overstocked on some items, and are in need of others. Below you will find a list of items that we are currently accepting for donations. With each donation we ask that you send $100 per box (no matter the size) to help offset the cost of packing materials, sorting and organizing it to send our service members. While the FDA Compliance Fee helps cover the actual shipping cost, it does not extend beyond that. If this is not doable, please still reach out. All donations are tax deductible (please check with your accountant to see how much you can write off) and once your shipment is received we will issue a donation receipt within 2 weeks.

Not only are you helping a Service Member stay tobacco free, donations are great advertising for your brand. We get numerous emails weekly asking about where more of XYZ liquid can be found, and most Service Members are extremely loyal to those that take care of them.

Please check the list below for current needs and send an email to with what you would like to donate. We will review your donation and mark any items we may not need at the current time. You will also get an approval code to place on the box to ensure your shipment is processed correctly when received.


3mg & 6mg – 3mg is our primary need as over 75% of our requests are solely for 3. All liquid must be sealed and not nearing 1 year from date of manufacture. Fruity flavors are in highest demand. We also have a need for menthol.


*18650 flat top batteries

*Wire (non temp control)

*Subtank RDA’s & Coils

*2-6 bay battery chargers

*50 watt and up regulated devices

Ego starter kits

Iclear style tanks

Current gen(ish) RDAs

Current gen RTAs (Griffin, VCMT, ect)

*indicates item is in high demand



Cloned mechanical mods

Kayfun style attys

Restricted airflow, older gen RDA’s (Atomic, Nimbus, etc)