Thanks guys for everything. What you don’t know is I was going through a lot and your care package gave me a smile through a hard time. It allowed me to share time with people and have something to bond and build rapport with them through. Some people stop smoking, some become vapers and my crew became family. Thank you so much because you built a few friendships through you organization that gave me that reason to smile! Thanks team VaV.

Durrell E.

I just want to take the time to thank everyone at the Vape a Vet Project for providing me with the starter kit that arrived today. I have already started using the unit and love it. I honestly don’t have the words to express my gratitude. You guys and ladies are the best and I appreciate everything that you have done for me.

Michael A.

Just wanting to say THANK YOU. I received my VAPE A VET package some time ago – month or two. It helped me to kick that smoking in the a$$ when everything else has failed. Since then I have bought from BRV liquids and upgraded my setup. Problem is I keep going back to that set up you originally sent due to the fact I really like seeing whats on it and it means something to actually have a group help like you did. To have an organization to help us Vets the way you do when everyone else just “talks the talk” and DOESNT walk the walk is a huge credit to what you do for us. Those that have served and got out know exactly what I mean when most organizations just talk about helping Vets – YOU GUYS DO IT. I cant say thank you enough.

Todd H.

Hey guys! Just got my package this weekend and wanted to thank you! This is an awesome way for me to quit smoking and be done with cigarettes before my wedding next year! My fiancee wasn’t too happy about the smoking issue, so you guys are really helping me out. I’m excited to have gotten this and ill be supporting you and your affiliates the whole way! You guys are awesome! Keep it up!

Joseph C.

Just received my package from you guys, and wanted to extend my sincere Thanks! It means a lot what ya’ll are doing, and I couldn’t appreciate more! I told a bunch of guys in my command about it and they are sure to be reaching out! Thanks again you guys!

Sean V.

I started smoking  when i was 15, back then we could buy cigarettes anywhere we wanted. I went to war in Vietnam in 1969 and havent been the same since. But i am very proud that I was able to serve my country.
I married in 1970 and later had a son. I drove a big rig for a living and continued smoking but I always wanted to quit and needed to. I had a lung injury in Vietnam and do not have full lung capacity so Drs have been on me to quit for years.
My son married a wonderful young lady in 2009 and made my life better, shes good me and to my son. She, Teresa put me on a healthy diet and always check up on me. Teresa and son Mike, both smoked until 2014 when my son quit using spitless snus, he had quit before, it was easy for him but my daughter in law didn’t think she ever could, she had tried with the gum and patches. Teresa bought an e cigarette at a shop close by and hasnt smoked since, that later gave me the idea to try it. Teresa first gave me her first set up and then later she and my son bought me a better one.
With the help of you men at Vape A Vet sending me nicotine juices I have been smoke free for months now. I can breath better, I can smell and taste my food better and have been more active which has helped me lose some weight helping my blood pressure and my knee is working better now too from the exercise. Cigarettes were killing me and I can tell the difference in my health since I quit and started vaping.  I can not thank you enough, but i do want to sincerely say thank you from me and all of the other men and woman that you help.
Michael W.

I just received my vape about a week ago here on my deployment, and it’s already helped me cut back on smoking tremendously. I am down to about 2 smokes a day, and hopefully here in a couple weeks I won’t be smoking anymore at all. Thank you for what you guys do, and taking care of us soldiers. We appreciate you guys!

Angelia L.

I just got my I-taste MVP yesterday and don’t really have to much of a story yet on how it has helped me quit smoking. But I have day one without a cigarettes and am hoping this is the start my final attempt to quit smoking. I have attempted to quit many time before with just about every way that has been marketed to no success. I will keep posted on status of progress along the way. So far one day down and hoping many more to follow smoke free. I have also passed this along to over half a dozen battle buddies. Kevin R.

I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. My father received his Vape A Vet package today and was super stoked! He had fun looking at all the delicious flavors, and has already cracked open a bottle of Electrum! Our family has hit a rough patch, and it’s your organization and sponsors that making vaping possible for our veterans and active military. My dad wouldn’t ask for help for himself, so I did this process for him. He had tears in his eyes and couldn’t believe it. Many days my dad goes throughout the day without smiling…today he smiled. Thank you from me and my Dad who served in the Navy on the U.S.S. Tarawa.

Aubrey S.

I would like to take a moment and throw a huge shout out to the guys and gals over at Vape A Vet Project. Because of their efforts, time, energy and good will, i received a much need package today. This package is going to be shared with my guys while we get set up across the pond. We salute you generous folks for all you do.

Nick T.

Having received my starter kit a week ago today I have gone from smoking a pack- pack and a half a day down to maybe 1-2 cigarettes a day. I figure within a week or so I will be completely off cigarettes and able to use the vaporizer without the cravings.

John D.

Thank you so much for the package!  I have had it for about a week and a half and haven’t had a cigarette since.  It has been great, and I appreciate the generosity of yourself and all the folks at Vape a Vet that makes it happen for us out here.

Elbert W.

I’m a free diver and spearfisher and now that I’m not smoking I have noticed it’s a lot easier to dive. I know smoking isnt the best thing to do when you’re doing something that requires you to hold your breath. With Vape a Vet I now noticed an increase in my dive time and overall health.

Jack W.

I contacted Vape a Vet because I am a Disabled Navy Veteran who has successfully quit smoking cigarettes with vaping. However, I was almost out of Juice and I have 3 kids so money is extremely tight and I desperately needed juice. Vape a Vet sent me out an amazing care package full of juices in my nic strength and flavor profile. I cannot express my gratitude for their help in my time of need. Thank you Vape a Vet!

Jodie B.

I have finally found the nicotine delivery method that is more satisfying than regular smoking. This is such an amazing program that can help so many Vets live happier and healthier lives.

Daniel D.

The moment I received my vape, I tried testing it out seeing if I would want a cigarette. I took only a couple puffs and I couldn’t do it. Now since receiving my Mod, I haven’t smoked since. I love it and would definitely recommend it to other veterans or active service members to try it out and it will help you in a matter of days.

Joel V.

This is an amazing group of people who have changed my life and gave me some years back. After being a heavy smoker of analog cigarettes for 12yrs it was time for a change. Luckily I came across their info on Facebook and found their location was right down the road. They hooked me up and I am well on my way to quitting smoking permanently. Thank you all again and I look forward to volunteering some time to help and continue to Vape For a Cause.

Steven L.

Since I received this amazing kit I’ve been able to not smoke any cigarettes. I’m well on my way thanks to this program. Matthew G.

Vape a Vet has not only helped me towards being tobacco free, but it has also connected more soldiers together into a support net to help each other quit tobacco altogether. This has strengthened the bond with in my team squad and platoon which is great to see.

Keifer S.