how to remedy weak hits

How to Remedy Weak Hits from a Disposable Vape

The popularity of disposables is immensely refreshing. Back then, you have no choice but get a heavy mod, learn how to tinker with it, and be patient with all the quirks that come with it. Now, you can order disposables on the web, use them, and dispose of them when you’re done. There’s no need to charge, rebuild, or recoil. Disposable vapes are just the embodiment of pure convenience.

However, they can be limiting when it comes to experiencing the full vaping experience. So, suddenly puffing some weak hits from your disposable may easily throw you off. If you encounter a unit like that, here are some things you can do to remedy it.

Vaper's Tongue

how to remedy weak hits

One of the potential causes of weak hits is that you might have the condition vaper’s tongue. It happens when your tongue, and partially your throat, feel like they’ve become a bit numb. It can prevent you from tasting the flavor of your juice or even register the harshness of nicotine, the heat of the vapor, and the throat hit of propylene glycol (PG). Even if you have a box mod or the best from Fume vapes, you won’t taste or feel anything if you have a vaper’s tongue. 

Vaper’s tongue happens because of a variety of reasons. It could be because of dehydration, smoking, or too much vaping. Thankfully, it’s temporary and can be relieved immediately.  

If the vaper’s tongue is caused by dehydration, you can treat it by drinking more water than you do. However, even if you don’t have a vaper’s tongue, drinking more fluids is best, as vaping can cause dehydration. After all, PG is a hygroscopic substance that can prevent water from being absorbed into your body.  

If it’s caused by smoking, you may want to stop for a while or quit it altogether. And if it’s because of too much vaping, you may want to give your tongue and nose some rest. You may be vaping too much. 

If you can stop vaping, you may want to cleanse your palette by brushing your teeth, tasting intense flavors like lemons, or switching to another flavor.


If you’re way past being a beginner to know that it’s not vaper’s tongue you’re dealing with, it might be your disposable vape. One of the probable reasons your device isn’t giving you the intensity that you want is gurgling. Gurgling happens when a lot of juice inside the vape reaches the atomizer. When that happens, air can have a hard time moving through your unit, making it difficult for your device to vaporize the liquid and provide you with some vapor.

One way to know if your device is gurgling is when you hear your vape making gurgling sounds whenever you puff from your device. To remedy this, you can invert your vape and tap it gently downwards. Doing so will let the excess juice escape to the mouthpiece.

Another method to stop the gurgling is to leave the device upright and wait for the wick to absorb as much juice as possible. After some time, vape it carefully until you vaporize the remaining excess e-juice.

Airflow Sensor

Some pneumatic disposable vapes are prone to gurgling. These devices often have problems with their airflow sensors. You’ll need to exert a bit more effort in sucking out air for the atomizer to activate. If you don’t do that, the juice will be pulled out of the cartridge and slowly accumulate in the atomizer, resulting in gurgling.

Since you can’t do anything about the airflow sensor, all you can do with the device is a workaround. The workaround is to cover one of the intake holes to make it easier for you to build up air pressure in the mouthpiece, which will trigger the airflow sensor. The only alternative is to inhale more firmly.

Low Nicotine

Most disposable vapes nowadays rely on a higher concentration of nicotine in their juices. First, it’s to make it better than cigarettes—no wonder 27.2% of smokers in England are using vape devices as their preferred nicotine delivery device for cessation. Second, it is to deliver throat hits because they don’t have the battery capacity to produce hotter and denser vapor. However, some of them may fail to hit the throat hit you want. There may be two reasons behind it.

One, you’ve got the wrong nicotine strength. With this one, you can’t do anything about it. You can either finish your one or replace it with a new one.

And two, the juice inside the device may need some shaking. The nicotine in the juice has probably diffused. To get it incorporated back, you may want to shake your device a bit before you take a puff.


You can do those things if your disposable vape delivers weak hits. Thankfully, it’s not a huge deal, as you’ll always replace the unit. However, if the same brand and type keep giving you a weak experience like that, you may want to consider switching.


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